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PHD: note to self

The design of a Perfect Health Diet  meal is found in the body of the apple. Assuming two meals a day, the recipe is to combine:
  • A safe starch (roughly 230 grams, which translates to 150 to 300 carb calories);
  • A meat, fish, or egg (110-230 grams);
  • A sauce made up of fats and acids such as lemon juice or vinegar;
  • Vegetables, preferably including fermented vegetables with their healthy acids;
  • (Optionally) some dairy or a glass of wine.
This is precisely the recipe which science has found minimizes the elevation of blood glucose after meals.
It seems reasonable to expect that a meal designed in this fashion will have a glycemic index around 30. The odds of 200 carb calories with a glycemic index of 30 generating blood sugar levels that are dangerous – 140 mg/dl (7.7 mmol) or higher – in healthy people is very low. Even in diabetics, it may be uncommon.
So, yes, Virginia. There is a Santa Claus, and you can eat safe starches and avoid hyperglycemia too!


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