My space at my place

I'm keen to celebrate 'my space'. Not the online Myspace that got done over by facebook but my space.

Where I spend a good part of my time.
Boasting a spacious, open plan living and reclining area with access via sliding screen door to the 'veranda' and vegetable garden, offering a stunning and elevated view of the sky. Open both ends to the cooling breezes. Surrounded by birdlife, with on hand laundry and walk-in kitchen but a doorstep away. Within a stone's throw of poultry, clothes line and a wind sock. The location speaks for itself. Can be used as a car storage facility at resident's discretion.No body corporate fees. Current tenants two dogs. (Hair drop manageable. Straw broom supplied).
Over time I've tweaked the setup a bit. I've changed my preferred  seating option to a light director's chair, for instance...and I've added a torn rag rug for the floor to keep my tootsies warm over Winter...

The mix works, despite being a garage. 

Through the back curtains I can pass thru another screen or curtains to the garden where I spend a lot of my outdoor time doing stuff.It's like living outdoors -- in a tent, caravan, hut or shed -- as I can moderate my atmospherics by closing or opening curtains, windows, roller or screen doors and such.

 A true Balinese indoor/outdoor room.I even open out to a forest of frangipanis...

Over Winter the design worked extremely well and I needed to have the heater on only  a few times at night.

It was cosy. Surprisingly so. No drafts. No chills.

Curtaining  did that. Not only do curtains insulate, but  I can simply pull curtains back and forth to alter temperature and light.

With concentrated spaces like this you gotta keep up with the housework.  You need to sweep and keep your stuff in order.It also helps a lot not to have too much gear. Keep it simple. Live light...and customise. 

I know where everything is in my 'den' because there isn't really that much of it.  All of me that 'fits'. more/no less.

Each time I enter the space from the outside I'm impressed by how cosy it feels. No 'interior decoration' in play. Just function and ambience.

My space. One room. In use: furniture I appreciate and am attached to -- that have served me loyally for years.
  • Aunt Mary's Laminex kitchen table (circa 1950s)
  • Aunt Mary's wardrobe...old.
  • Cheap Ikea metal shelving .
  • A German-style night and day.
  • My mother-in-law's Director's Chair
  • ..and a chest of drawers I don't know where from.
  • A poof.
  • Aunt Mary's old blanket storage box.
  • My daughter's hand-me down Apple Mac
  • ...and a gorgeous retro side table my wife mosaiced.
What more do I need?


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