The Spring garden takes off

The Spring garden takes off!
A polycultural jungle.
Very little weed infestation. No bug problems at the moment (touch wood).
As well as greens I'm harvesting root vegetables, beans, and a ready herb supply.
Pending among all that cascading greenery is a mix of flowers ,tomatoes, sunflowers, keen potatoes, sweet peppers, eggplant and Cucurbits.

Despite the dry weather and lack of mulch supply, I seem to have solved many of my water issues. A couple 'understory' over shading problems due to impulse plantings of tomatoes -- but the close planting of different species is generally working to very good effect.
I was working in the Deagon community market garden last Friday and there the weeds are vigorously active. Mine are for now contained despite my ready use of grass clippings and manures. 
Selective watery sure helps. I rely on the terracotta pots and supplement with hand watering to plants that seem to need it, seeds and seedlings especially.I also try to keep the conduction channels open between my buried pots by moisturising the soils.All thats' required is a shallow sprinkle...at least on my sands.
Hereon in my set tasks are:
  • to skill up on the layering of plantings relative to growth height and root depth and spread.
  • to nail some essential companion planting protocols.
  • to engineer best practice for my garden between planting seeds direct and planting in flats. Each seed I sow is now sown with  tweezers. So what may seem like a mess is actually consciously planted in place -- for good or ill.
  • to master the gentle art of successive planting for scheduled harvesting.


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