The garden in June

They're not flying saucers parked in my garden, but the stoneware plate lids on my terracotta watering pots. It's  exposed plumbing.

There are two elevated ponds pictured in the gallery coated in stumpery and conical 'volcano' potato mounds with saucers atop terracotta craters.

I use locally collected Melaleuca branches -- culled from neighbourhood trimmings -- for staking and support.

All the brown stuff is dried grass clippings and  other mulch. Among the garden beds are naked Frangipanis (it being the off season) grown as a  obedient form of Summer shade.

Compared to March it's less green -- but it's been harvested and cleared in places; remade in others...

Looking back to April 2012 -- two plus  years ago -- it's instructive to note how much flexibility enriches this gardening business. When you are primarily growing annuals for food -- solid, set-in-place design isn't everything. And looks aren't everything either.

The major journey has been in the soil.


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