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Great time scootering hither and yon

I had a great time over the weekend exploring the utility of my Mibo folding scooter (pictured left).

I had to 'go into town' to attend a conference so I staid with the offspring who live 20 minutes from a suburban railway station. So each day tooing and froing I rode the Mibo to and from public transport. 

I use a double bag method to bag my scooter when I have to on some transits, but when I don't need the packaging the scooter will sit freely against me in a train carriage. 

In and out of traffic and pedestrians in built-up inner city areas, the Mibo rules the footpath and roadside kerb.It's a breeze to ride and manoeuvre with no danger of being upended by sudden cement edges or asphalt rises or gravelling because:
  • pneumatic tyres
  • 12 inch wheels
  • handlebar control
  • kickboard height
Each morning when I left the offspring's abode, I'd give a few kicks and roll down the slope to the broad valley below. Effortless.

So a journey that took over 20 minutes on foot was scooted in 7 or 8. 

The Mibo is heavier than I'd prefer (it was a product for a time of the  Czech 'Iron' --rather than 'Alloy' -- Curtain afterall) but so long as I'm not forced to carry it long distances I can handle the weight -- about 9 kgm. 

Porting up railway station  stairs works OK because of the double stem to the front as it offers a comfortable grip. Manoeuvring while carrying the scooter among a crowd of people  is not so easy as you often want to carry it folded and as 'vertical' as possible.  And since there is rough overhang, you need  to bag the scooter. 

But hey! I'm delighted!  I've had the Mibo Folding scooter for almost 5 years but now it really registers with my out and about needs.

While I've tried to find a better scooter for this role -- and one that is easier to obtain and lighter -- I have not been able to top it.

Here's a good review of the Mibo:

And my experiences with it are logged here.

With the tyres pumped up, kicking along a footpath which carries a bit of foot traffic is a delight. Think skateboarding -- but skateboarding with much more control over your weaving and the comfort of air filled pneumatics.  You have brakes too! When there's a traffic jam. You hop off and walk around it. Hop on. 


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