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Pirogue: the story so far...



My canoe is a built from plywood. It's a Michael Storer's Quick Canoe DIY build.  The design is of a flat bottom pirogue with a keel running the length of the hull.

 It handles fine when I paddle or pole it forward. Since adding dual outriggers I'm pretty much comfortably upright. I built it for local use on very shallow estuaries and bays.

However, rigged for sailing is problematical. I'm using the sail from my old plastic kayak because I know how it performs but I'm having trouble turning the canoe into the wind, even without a sail up.        

Of course the sheer sides are a major factor  encouraging this handicap. But I'm wondering what I could do to counter that:

  • a steering oar?
  • leeboard?
  • deeper outriggers?
Any suggestions?
Discussion about this on Sailing Canoe regroup.(I'd like to thank the contributors).



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