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Pirogue-ing it by paddling my own canoe

I took the Pirogue out for its second trial today.

Glassy sea. No wind worthy of the mention. Outgoing tide. 

Great conditions for paddling your own canoe (especially if you -- ie: I --  need to negotiate a learning curve).

To my surprize both the captain and his ship performed  better than expected.

The craft paddles very well and I get more speed and greater distance per stroke than I did from my old plastic kayak -- The Flying Crutchman. I covered a good distance offshore seemingly in navigational comfort. 

After dipping my oar for a few kilometres I stood up, picked up my bamboo pole and started polling over the shallows. 

Effortless motion. ( I do love poling so. ) I was ski-ing on water.

Once you get a feel for the pitch of the craft -- and the way the weight shifts -- the balancing you have to master begins to register and poling is a nice change from paddling.

Although I may have my seat a tad too high I value the role my buttocks  play in the balancing act I need to negotiate as part of my paddling efforts. In fact, I suspect that I may be able to sail this pirogue without recourse to an outrigger by using weight shifting skills alone. 

That will be a challenge for later in the week:sailing.
I could also do with a longer paddle blade given my height above the water line.
Nonetheless, an outrigger it shall have. I am pondering my design options. An outrigger will make paddling and sailing that much less threatened by capsize-ment. 



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