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We launched the Pirogue today

Well, it happened.

We launched the Pirogue today.

With winds gusting at 16 knots it wasn't a pleasant experience. We capsized several times. and had a lot of trouble steering against or across the wind.

The sheer sides of the build served as a wind catcher and the flat bottom made the craft very tippy -- especially with us novices in charge of it.

I'd forgotten how tippy canoes can be. I need to train up so that I can get my balancing act together.

Of course the thing could float in a saucer. It doesn't so much sit in the water as on it. Thus the ready tip. But with the wind behind us we moved quickly along the coast but did not have the skills to paddle back.

But hey, towing is easy. 

This image below  from the Toledo Community Boathouse shows how high this design rides in the water.It skims the surface.

The message is self evident: if I want to do what I planned to do with this canoe, I'm going to have to add an outrigger sooner rather than later. I'll work on my balancing and seamanship but I'll still need the means to confidently stay upright...and dryish. 

I'll paddle some more in calmer conditions -- that is, without the wind blowing the canoe astray -- but I suspect that a bit of remodelling is in order.My lack of canoeing  experience in boats like this shows. Indeed the difference between flat bottom boating and the curved type was driven home each time I was dunked. There's this threshold  that if reached-- over you go. 

But an outrigger -- one at least on the lee side -- should put things to right often enough. 



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