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Yogurt + Carrot = simple soup

After yesterday's post on oligosaccharides and prebiotics I am eating my way through a bunch of carrots.

I had to be re-supplied,  but now I'm carrot sufficed.

Carrot moments are readily had and I'm souping them up: garlic, onion, ginger, cumin, and (I prefer) Allspice -- salt and pepper. Boiled and  blended.

Green herbs are kosher esp fresh coriander if you have some. Add in chopped after blending. Chilli is good too...

Into bowl when hot and upon the red surface dollop on heaps of Greek Yogurt. 

It's gotta be Moorish...in flavour. 

Spoon into mouth. 

Now if you are of the sweet tooth persuasion you can hold back on much of the salt and pepper, not use yogurt,  and flavour your blend with honey so you  deploy it as a dip or dressing for bread.

But here's preparation rule of thub:
Food chemists at Newcastle University have found that boiling the vegetables whole rather than slicing them up increases the supply of healthy ingredients by a quarter....
 "By cooking carrots whole and chopping them up afterwards, you are locking in both taste and nutrients so the carrot is better for you all round." [Research report].
If you want to know more about carrots, the World Carrot Museum's web pages.



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