The delights of kickbikery

Well, to be frank, the delights of kickbikery primarily rest in humility: you can only move so fast and no faster.

But what you do is all your own work. 

In that sense the 'fun' of the kick scooter is the thrill of DIY..of all that effort.

It's like some running addictions. 

Free. Feral. It's the journey rather than the distance. 

...and the feel for topography . On a scooter you get to know undulations and rises. You and the earth below your foot-fall are partnered for all of your shared journey.

It's all rather organic. You don't so much 'master' nature as work with it. You're not its victim so much as its partner. 

And socially, among the young set, you are so cooool because you have transcended skateboards and micro scootering. These youngsters have no where to go as they age except onto a Malibu and a wave. 

But you...you have moved on and up.

We groove on -- taking on pavement and road for all the fun -- on and off road -- to be had in the 'hood. 

On top of all that -- if fun is to be sourced below the belt -- kickbikers always have a cute ass.

Hell! We have the bestest asses on 2 wheels.                            



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