The Bush House not in the bush

As quick to build as a humpy -- as organic as any gunyah -- I've built myself a Bush House.

That there is so little to be recovered from this Australian shade tradition  is disconcerting and I have to rely on my memory to reconstitute the raison d'etre.The only truly original Australian contribution to gardening seems to have been more or less forgotten. 

Mine isn't the ant's pants of the Bush House set as it is pulled together with zip ties, driftwood washed up during the recent weather, and odd bits and pieces snaffled from the rubbish.

'Tis very crude.

But it's the thought that counts...

Inasmuch as it lies there outback, it works as much as nature -- and da bush -- intended.  

I've even moved in and spent a few happy hours reading in the shade of my structure meditating on my garden milieu and communing with all the sheltered elements.

The only truly original Australian contribution to
 gardening seems to have been more or less forgotten. 

It needs a floor -- gravel preferably -- and a few creepers a'creeping over the frame. Already I have planted frangipanis to the east and west , so as my structure rots and deteriorates -- and my maintenance falls behind the weathering and termites -- nouvelle shade resources will be  booting up.  

And with frangipani to the left and right my Bush House will be a scented arbour.

Furthermore it will be plumbed...I'll be running a garden house into the rafters for outdoor showering as a cooling-off option during the hot months. 

I was considering adding a hammock but they can be temperamental hangs, so a couple of seats and a small table may have to do. Enough for serving 'tea' and cake as was the august Bush House tradition. 

What I lack is the domestic staff to serve it.

In time I'll add a few potted bits and pieces in deference to a fernery role: exotics  like bromalaide, seeds in mini pots, maybe a wind  sound device.

In time it will merge with the surrounding aspect and present as a cubby  within an edible landscape. Already patches surrounding it are over run with sweet potato and my banana  may finally set fruit and off shoots.  



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