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Making kraut sour my whey.

I haven't been at all happy with my DIY sauerkraut this far but my latest batch driven  primarily by whey -- drained from my  own yogurt making -- passes muster.

This batch was made from purple cabbage...considering the colour in the photo.

You can drain whey from any thick Greek style yogurt, and while I don't drain my yogurt because the lactobacillus  keeps on converting the milk carbohydrates and the yogurt will keep on thickening the longer you keep it -- if I want whey, it's like milking a cow.  

Whey's a clearish liquid so you just pour that into your cabbage mash, add some sea salt; pack down and let it naturally juice up. 

The salt drives the sweating process and the moisture leeches out of the grated cabbage drowning it in juice.
If you want to partake of a gastro entestinal 'hit' -- drink  some of this juice as plenty is generated. Kapow! 
Voila: sauerkraut!  With the whey on board and our sub tropical conditions I'm currently letting the ferment develop for a week before jaring the cabbage up and refrigerating. 



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