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The joys of folding...a bicycle (with small wheels)

Don't get me wrong. I scoot. I am dedicated to push scooting and I own and ride two scooters.
  • a Kickbike
  • a Mibo Folding scooter 
..and I've been scooting for years. So I know my onions.

It's not that I'm anti-pedals  or chains or gears  but I reckon that in many instances there is a lot of overkill in bicycling culture  and over short distances in an urban environment, push scooters are tops.

If I had to commute 10 ks every day to get to work, I'd probably ride a single speed bicycle. If it was a mountainous route, I'd consider getting gears.

But if I was hoping to ride my route, in part, on a footpath -- I'd not get a large wheel bike at all. I'd definitely op for a smaller wheeled bicycle or scooter.

My Mibo has 12 inch wheels and it's a dream on a footpath. And since I've had small wheel bikes in the past -- I owned a Moulton once (20 inch wheels)  -- I think small wheels are a great way to travel.
The Moulton model I used to ride to work in early 1970's.
8 kms in a suit.
With an uncertain surface underneath that may require you to weave around a bit, and the challenge of pedestrians,  small wheels rule . With your legs  closer to the ground , quick dismount and remount is easy.

That you could fold such a bike or scooter adds to its versatility especially when using public transport or packing up the bike to go into a car boot.

So if you don't want to scoot as I do,  then consider getting a folding bicycle because folding bikes usually have small diameter wheels...and they fold.

So why are smaller wheeled bikes so good?
Why smaller bikes are better:
 - Bike has bigger wheel-distance (given a fixed length of the bike) and its ride is therefore more stable.- Accelerates faster (because the wheels have less momentum) and therefore also decelerates faster.
- Accelerates faster (because the wheels have less momentum) and therefore also decelerates faster.
 - The rack (and therefore the cargo) sits lower, making the bike and the ride more stable.
 - Small wheels are more robust (lower leverage of destructive forces hitting the spokes).
 - Hub dynamo turns faster, thereby generating power more efficiently. (A lower-weight dynamo can be used.)
 - Bike needs less space.
 - Most small wheelers can be folded, needing even less space. [Source]
Maybe the fold isn't essential but that's what you get nowadays when your wheels are small.



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