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Yogurt -- you can do a lot with fermented milk if you make it yourself


A dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk.

I've been eating so much of the stuff that I've gone back to making my own.

It's so easy to do .  Outlay is cheap: the cost of the milk.

So if yogurt is your staple: Make it yourself.

All you need is a cooking thermometer. There are sight and feel methods but they aren't reliable unless you are well practiced.

For me now, yogurt making is routine. Every few days given my consumption.
  • Simmer the milk to 82 C (180 F) while stirring.
  • Let milk cool to 43 C (110 F).
  • Add two tablespoons of already made yogurt.
  • Cover the container. Keep warm and insulated overnight.  I use my cooking bags but any insulated container or sleeping bag/dooner like cover would do.
  • Refrigerate.
For some reason this is called "Greek"yogurt if you strain off the whey . But you really needn't bother.

I have yogurt smoothies for lunch. My preferred blend are either with pawpaw or berries. You can suit yourself.

For Lassi stir to a smooth blend one part chilled water to two parts yogurt. I sometimes use chilled green tea instead of water.

For making curries -- and I prefer yogurt based North Indian curries to their southern cousins made on coconut milk -- follow these tips to prevent curdling if it becomes a problem.

I also use plain yogut as a condiment with köfte meats, roasts and tomato dishes like Sicilian Caponata. There is also a large range of Middle Eastern sauces which are yogurt based. 

So for drizzling or dipping, or salad tossing you can do a lot with fermented milk.



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