Uses of Mineral Water

Who woulda thought?

Mineral water can be so useful. That is , so long as it is sparkling.

Still waters may run deep but they  leave me cold.

As a green tea blend
Every day I drink green tea (made on cold water) 'alf n'alf with mineral water. I love it. It's a tipple that's displaced a lot of my (hot)white tea consumption.
As a spitzer for red wine.
I drink cask red wine. I half full a jug with water and freeze it. I then pour in one part red wine to one part mineral water. The water  melt sand the mineral water dilutes the alcoholic hit without any perceptible loss of taste.
As a base for lassi
Instead of adding water to yogurt to make lassi -- I use mineral water. One part mineral water to two parts yogurt. Traditionally lassi is a salted drink and the salts in the mineral water suit the convergence of tastes.



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