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The Plywood Saga opens the Quick Canoe adventure

Finally my plywood has arrived. What a saga!

On November  1st --three weeks ago -- I purchased 3 sheets of 240x1220 ply loaded them onto my car roof rack and left the plywood shop.
But I had to return  because the wind  had risen and  the chances of keeping the wood sheets attached to the car roof rack were slim. We were poised for something to take off.
When I had rung the supplier about our problem they said they could deliver the items to  my house 40 km away. So we decided to return to  there and do that.
But when we got back to the shop we were told  that they don't in fact  deliver to where I live . We tried to strap the sheets onto the car securely but without success so the supplier told us, that they'll deliver the wood to our district (not our town) and I could pick it up there.They'd ring and arrange a rendezvous.
So I paid for a delivery (by cash) and left.
Then I just waited. I fell ill during this time and besides I didn't want to collect the wood while the winds were still up...and it has been very breezy indeed. So I didn't fret over the issue of the wood.
I also was in no special hurry for the ply as I needed my neighbour available to cut it to size...and he was holiday prone.. 
But today --after further chit chat -- the wood arrived at my doorstep. I am now the proud owner ...of wood -- three sheets of wood that need to cut to template size by an electric saw.

So I'm poised on my Quick Canoe build. I'm at the  beginning of a task for which I  have no skills whatsoever.

How the piece are supposed to look when cut to shape.
I'm anxious and will  be calling on a few favours to get me through the build. My son is my chippy partner and investor...



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