Sheoak lover that I am...

 Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo
in Sheoak tree
I just planted six Sheoaks -- Casuaina cunninghamiana / River Sheoak -- and now wonder whether I should pull them up.

Around where I am on the coast the prevailing species is -- Casuarina equisetifolia /Coast Sheoak -- and I thought that's what I was getting as my targeted plot is a sandy zone in which plants struggle to grow. 

They actually do not grow at all. 

But I've now got the River Sheoak in the ground and wonder...

I wanted a grove, right -- a grove of Sheoaks --  as the experience of Sheoaks in the wind is wonderful. But I don't want the trees so high that I create a monster pack. So while I may be trimming them back now and the I don't want to deform the trees by always slashing..

However, the clincher is that some Sheoaks are more attractive to Black Cockatoos than others. The specificity focuses on the Glossy Black Cockatoo but here we get the Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo who aren't so fussy.

We get the Yellow-tails in the Coast Banksias as well as atop the wonderful Silky Oak -- Grevillea robusta  -- we have outback. But while they are not so choosey I've never seen Yellow-tails in Coast Sheoaks. 

So I guess I'm gonna have to talk this up at a local community plant nursery...so that I get the vegtation right.



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