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Hugelkultur Options

I did a post   yesterday about Hugelkultur. But after exploring my proposition I've decided that burying paper and wood (twigs and logs) in my garden beds was sure to be damaging to the soil structure I've worked so hard to  create so far because I'd have to dig into it to bury the stuff over such a wide area.

So why not, I thought, just throw the same material on top of the garden beds then cover this with a scattering of green mulch?

It's Hugelkultur without laying on more soil.

It's trench mulching without digging trenches.

I find that any amount of mulch atop of paper product encourages breakdown and water retention (as well as prevents the sheets blowing away). But my challenge is to add enough stuff -- manures, grass clippings, twigs,  and whatever --  sprinkled throughout this to  foster  rotting.

I'd then plant between the paper and wooden logs.

Traditional Hugelkultur uses composting heat to warm the garden bed but I don't want that at all.

So long as I keep an eye on my C:N ratios I should be OK....

Estimated Carbon-to-Nitrogen Ratios
Browns = High Carbon C:N
Ashes, wood 25:1
Cardboard, shredded 350:1
Fruit waste 35:1
Leaves 60:1
Newspaper, shredded 175:1
Sawdust 325:1
Straw 75:1
Wood chips 400:1
Greens = High Nitrogen C:N
Food waste 20:1
Garden waste 30:1
Grass clippings 20:1
Hay 25:1
Manures 15:1
Seaweed 19:1
Vegetable scraps 25:1
Weeds 30:1


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