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What I eat...if you REALLY want to know

I am not in this book .
This post is sure to bore the pants off most of humanity. Who gives a stuff about what I (of all people) put in my mouth?

Quick response: I do.

But I wanted to follow up on my last meditation on food because if I knew back whenever what I know now I'd be a lot better off inside  my innards today.

So for want of any access to fanfare and ado I will simply proceed:

A Italian style sausage (x1) and sauerkraut with a short black coffee.
Love it! Love it! Makes getting up worthwhile.

A can of sardines
Two hard boiled eggs
A PawPaw or Berry Yogurt Smoothie 
A Green salad with olives or avocado
A  vegetable soup.

I'm a DIY gastronome so I gastrite. Recipe discovery and experiment is my hobby -- that is, within low carb parameters. One course meals and preferably 'one pot'. Plenty of stews and the like. Usually Middle Eastern or  Mediterranean  -- occasionally a curry.


On the occasion they matter:
Mixed nuts
Slices of preserved  meats.
I don't eat much but I do eat well.

Criteria of note:

  • The 5 fruit and veg a day sentence is rejected. 5 fruit and veg -- that's a myth. There's no strong evidence to support a magic number
  • I'm not frightened of fats. In fact I prefer to get my calories from fats rather than upping my proteins. I go for the good oils if I can...but I don't trim the supposed bad bits off what I cook. Why waste it?
  • I pursue an elevated intake of  brassilicas and fermented products (esp sauerkraut and yogurt). Preserved meats are a naughty indulgence now and then. 
  • White tea or black coffee; red wine spritzers and chilled green tea are my libations.
  • I don't eat grains or legumes...nor spuds (except  sweet potatoes once or so each week). And no fruits except berries and Paw Paw. (Although I'll eat passionfruit because I grow so much of the stuff.) So no pastries...and no pasta or pizza.
  • Despite whatever, I do allow myself to indulge occasionally and I will consume what I don't eat: especially a meat pie. (The local meat pie is too delicious to not partake of ever.)
But here's the down side: when you seek to eat as I do, finding something to eat while out and about is a real pain as all the cafe and take away food  culture is either  carbohydrate dense (esp bread, batter and rice) or with massive additions of sugar (eg:sushi). Unlike my daughter I aren't celiac intolerant but I have to empathize as not only is 'wheat' embedded in what you assume it's in but it is in  a lot of other things beside -- such as beer, soya sauce, soups...



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