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A simple chicken curry served with mashed cauliflower is a low carb lesson

For those who eat low carb one of the great discoveries is how versatile cauliflower is. 

Since you are unlikely to be eating  neither bread nor rice nor potatoes -- as they all are all  dense in carbohydrate -- the humble caulie with around 16 grams of Carbohydrate in a whole head is a great filler-outer-er with some very useful nutritional properties. (That's equivalent to the carbs in one slice of bread).

This simple chicken curry (pictured left) -- I like  to add cloves, plenty of cumin seeds and a good dash of fennel seeds -- was delicious. The spices and a good thick coconut creaming kicked in nicely indeed. The fill out is the mashed cauliflower.

My guess -- as pictured -- 10 grams of  carbohydrate in the serve. (After a time you get skilled at estimating what goes into your mouth.)

When you do your homework nice things begin to happen and after three years of eating low carb I find the regimen easy to follow, the recipe experience both exciting and delicious; and the physiological consequences very pleasing indeed.

The one indulgence I allow myself is some sweet potato once per week. Sweet spuds aren't massively high in carbs but they are outside my preferred comfort range .  Sweet potatoes are nonetheless touted as the "low carb wonder food" because a normal sweet potato contains about 28 grams carbohydrate.

But I tell you: if the prospect of a Diabetes II diagnosis is threatening, this is the way to go. Low Carb is also great for weight loss and may impact on IBS symptoms.

My joke is that I tell my family, "I can eat anything. I just choose not to eat some things." The point being that if I increase my carbohydrate intake with one food, I can trade off that increment by eating some other food low in carbs so that my daily intake stays at a manageable level.

My current management preference is  somewhere under  50 grams of carbohydrate per day. You, on the other hand, may be consuming over 200 grams/day on a 'normal' Western diet.
Example:There are 47 grams of Carbohydrate in a Big Mac alone -- and that's without considering the Coke or the Fries...
I eat plenty. I don't restrict the quantity of what I eat at all. The collateral advantage with a low carb diet is also that you aren't hungry (or you are less hungry) so this may encourage you to eat less in way of caloric intake because you are more easily satiated...and this may be a big reason  why  low carb diets work  for weight loss.



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