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Bagged Bike

I last described my new bag system for the Mibo Scooter. Nothing special I suppose.

A bag for a bike.

But I worked out that I can so easily strap the bag -- when not in use -- to the Mibo's handlebars(see image at left).

For neatness I insert the bag into another bag -- a small plastic shopping bag.

During this week's foray into the big smoke I confirmed that bagging is indeed the way to go.

Again I had to negotiate a  couple of crowded trains with standing room only options. On one occasion I even bagged the scooter while in the carriage. The wide opening to the bag -- a single doona cover -- makes bagging an easy business.

I also removed the scooter's mud guards today. Since I seldom ride in the rain, never in mud and most often on concrete or bitumen -- I'm hoping I can transit without the extra weight of the guards and the way they stick out of a folded package.

The scooter with bag now weighs just over 9 kgm.

[the]... bottom line, which one of these two scooters do you really feel travels the fastest and or the furthest with the least amount of physical effort put into it?

The kickbike by a factor of....well there you go. The kickbike is gonna be  faster because it is more responsive to effort I think.But when you stop scooting the legs... I suspect that the momentum of gravity is gonna be further with the Mibo. Also with the Mibo there is much less crouching (crouching tiger stuff) and lift -- more like leg dips like oaring a boat.

As I said the focus of the exertion moves north -- from the thigh to the lower back . The fulcrum shifts upwards.

There is less dropping of the ass.

So IF I was journeying across -- whatisit? -- Florida?-- I'd seriously look at the road surface rather than the distance first. The street model kickbike sucks on gravel. The Mibo survives but won't go fast.

I also think the Mibo will CLIMB better than the kickbike BECAUSE of the smaller wheels.

Then after your first day on the Mibo you are going to be crippled by backproblems. True. The scoot technique is different from the kickbike. But you won't have that annoying experience that your get with the kickbike where you have to bob up and down without gaining that momentum edge. You seem to hit a wall. I've wondered about this and it surely has to be related to some sort of Zen or ergonomics. Some sort of body core issue.

But then, here at home, my preferred distance vehicle is the kickbike ...because I don't want the lower back issues.I know I'll roll OK but 'pain' won't set in as my whole body is engaged...and I'll get a more demanding workout.,..and simply, if push comes to shove, run out of puff.

SHORT ANSWER: kickbike...



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