Water Scooting

I think I've discovered a new pastime: water scooting. 

People may talk about paddling as though it's the bee's knees but they haven't punted (or 'poled' as the Americans say). It isn't strenuous but it does demand a commitment form the body.

With the one side dip and push it is reminiscent of kickbiking. Like on wheels momentum is all  about rhythm and cadence.

As I've said before here, I'm seated doing this. I did a kilometre today standing up  but with the occasional pitch I was mostly trying to stay out of the water -- scared not that I'd get wet so much but what I would land on as I fell.

Unfortunately   standing while punting  upsets the balance of The Flying Crutchman. The paradox is that  seated I can get more drive  through the water. I'm not sure why this should be so. A standard punting vessel is long and has a flat bottom with chine at both ends . Mine is  a two hulled beamy thing with curve all the way -- stern to bow.

A river punt
I mention this because I need to deal with my hardware's limitations and comprehend its idiosyncrasies.  Nonetheless, I'm thinking that punting -- either standing or seated or maybe half way in between, say on an elevated stool --  is the way to tackle my patch of blue when the wind ain't there. My bay, Deception Bay, hardly gets deeper than 2 metres and around the corner in Pumicestone Passage , 80% of the water is less than 2 metres deep. In a normal day out I have no reason to go 'out deep' -- and I don't. I'm usually in less than 1.5 metres of water.

So any barge pole can touch bottom if I have a mind to do so. In fact the deeper the better -- up to a point -- as you get a broader underwater swing with the pole.

Today  I worked out my stance which has to be different to the one they use on Canadian style canoes when poling (I've been watching punting clinic videos). Mine is closer to stand up surfing with a paddle. I'm still experimenting with where to stand, but at least I'm learning how to do so. My problem is that the craft rocks back and forward as well as side to side.

I also am a bit stiff in my posture and raising myself upright  on a moving and rocking platform  isn't easy for me at all.

Age. Arthritis.

So I'm thinking: do it for the sake of achieving it but stay seated thereafter.


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