Designer Stubble

I've worn facial stubble for years. My approach to lawns is similar: I detest mowing.

In my youth I was a beard man -- a sixties whiskers bloke who could grow several different styles  of beard per year.

It was a hobby and I was good at it.

I hate shaving and in those days it was fur or hairlessness. There wasn't any  perennial three-day-growth in betweeness allowed.

Men don't know how lucky they are to live in the 21st century with the de riguer option of wearing stubble without being marked down for being a bum. (Women on the other hard may have to fight for the right.)

Despite your  bristles you will be  accepted in the very best company. It's macho not to shave and  you may even be a bit pretentious if you decide to grow a beard.

So enjoy. Stubble gardening is one of humanity's great  lifestyle choices. 

It celebrates hair where ever it may choose to appear. It's ecological and sustainable in a way that  Brazilian Waxes are not.



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