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What can I do with crutches and swim noodles?

The Hypothetical Stern Rig
I was so sure that my latest tweak to my sailing rig would work.  

But my attempt to install dual leeboards toward the front of the vessel got me no where except around in circles. The wind still spun me about and I could not maintain tracking.

I thought 'bugger this!' -- another frustrating trial/experiment --  but before I turned my nautical person southward for the journey home I moved my leeboard setup to the stern  of the craft and lashed it there while keeping the short paddles I used as leeboards the same width apart.

Voila! It worked! Two arms -- 'amas' -- trailing behind the craft while I steered with my single blade paddle by moving it about on the lee side.

Talk about trial and error. These 'leeboards' may no longer be leeboards; nor are they skegs as that hang to each side of the hull rather than under it; nor are they rudders as they don't move  side to side. They  almost perform like outriggers except they don't contribute to buoyancy. They are also easy to attach/detach.
[And that option is intriguing -- should I fit some outrigger system by extending these leeboards, especially as...]
My new problem in today's 16 knot gusts was the threat of capsize. So I'm asking myself what can I do with crutches -- my standard refit material -- and swim noodles?

Like so (inspiration resource):

The Flying Crutchman still offers many permutations for the imagination.



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