Sauerkraut for breakfast

I'm hooked on Sauerkraut . Love the stuff. I'd like to say that I cannot get enough of it but I have learnt that too much sauerkraut gives you a good run for your money...

I usually have it for breakfast. I recognize that you cereal types out there would abhor the notion but pickled cabbage is -- at the end of the day -- better tucker than whatever sugared grain you prefer to chomp on with milk.

I have mine with something else: some protein -- an egg, a sausage, or some bacon...and a short black coffee.

This repas may be a long way from the stereotypical Continental or English breakfast -- but I'm happy.

Later in the day if the excuse presents itself I may eat some kimchi -- the spicy Korean version of sauerkraut.

So Sauerkraut in moderation is good tucker. Think snags and you gotta go with the 'kraut. 
PS: My dog loves sauerkraut too..which means that  we're oh so sophisticated and gastronomic here at maison d'ave.



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