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Exercise Musack: 100 seconds exertion followed by 10 second rests x 9 times

      This is a rough edit of some delightful Javanese gamelan music . The music rules the timing. If you want some music to format your exercise exertions here it is in roughly 100 second grabs.  (I tried for a set interlude of  90 seconds to fit with my HillFit routine but the music would not bend).

The musical interlude  is repeated  nine times.

All up your session (x 9 segments) will last 18 minutes. You also get ten second rests between the hard yakka stuff.

If you want the mp3 file for your audio player  you can download it here:    

Or play it online and right click to download it here:

or listen below:

Until yesterday my music had eight intervals but I added another segment because I  needed another 100 seconds to do all my preferred exercises with the kettlebells and dumbbells.  This is because I have two legs and two arms (rather than simply one of both). 



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