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Cycling: I likem my two wheels cheap, simple and light

I'm not bike obsessed -- but this  is a cute Raleigh Pioneer I got for $40 from the local Sunday markets.      

We go to the Caboolture Markets every week and the bric-a'brac, seedlings, fruit and vegetables feed our lifestyle. 

If there is one thing I can do  in way of DIY it is fiddle with  bicycles.    So I tweaked it by cannibalising other stock and now the missus has a light  well-made bicycle to chuff around the township.   

When you straddle a peddle and chain driven bicycle  -- after all my years on a scooter -- it's the bulk and add on-ed paraphernalia  that annoy me.  The best peddling experience I've had for years was on a 'fixie' -- fixed wheel, single speed bicycle.

I'd never ever consider getting gears on a bike (that is if I was a bi-cy-clist).
Gears (and peddles) are for whimps.
A lot of cycling seems obscene to me: hyped up, consumerist, hardware driven, pseudo ... over done.

I likem my two wheels cheap, simple and light.

That's why I appreciate the way that  'fixies' are referred to as 'pub bikes': keep it cheap, simple...and expendable. [Ride it to the pub and if necessary leave it there and make your own way home...and maybe it will still be there in morning.]

So much of the stuff on a bike is add on...but seriously, what add ons do you really need?

My kickbike (no gears, peddles or seat) in all the years I've had it has never given me a moments angst. I maintain it. Had one puncture. I've replaced one tire due to wear. I oil it occasionally and pump up the tires.

But compared to a normal bicycle...what's not to like? 

Although us scooterers have to work harder to travel less at lower speeds we still get from  A to B with a relentless capacity to perform the task of transit we set ourselves.

And besides, I get to wear a cuter butt from kickbiking.

However, I am in the market for a Moulton bicycle as having owned one in the past I value its engineering niche and...simplicity of line.Just quietly I'd love to own and ride another Moulton before I die.  A Moulton is something you hand down through the generations in respect of of its attention to physics and ergonomics. So if you are on the way out and own a Moulton think of me in your will. But then they aren't cheap....But consider me a good home.



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