Pooches to 5K

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Another day out.

While I haven't left the neighborhood -- my township environs -- for a week I still get out and about within my patch.

Today I was seaside while the tide was in.

With less land  to choose from I had to keep my running to the  beach sand on offer. 

Weaving between the mangrove tree trunks  and splashing through the water when I had to get past some of the larger dead tree trunks that litter the beach. 

It was another Pooches to 5K  run: pack running. In fact we -- my dogs and I -- briefly were joined by the local  pack -- a dog walker exercises  maybe ten dogs at my running route. 

Mixing it with pack that size  is  all joi de vivre and comradeship...for dogs. What with all the barking and all the anal sniffing to be had -- for those who partake, you wouldn't be dead for quids. 

Deception Bay doing its bay thing.



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