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My cartooned life: Chasing the Tide

Well, I've created my first comic book and I'm now a comic book character.

No Super Hero but I  have a presence in the story.

I thought I'd find something to say but talk balloons  seemed superfluous  after I had played around with the photographs -- sketched them , recoloured them  and sort of turned them  into watercolours.

All I did was go out on my low tide run today and while out and about I took a few photographs of the activity.

I later tweaked them with PhotoSketcher and used the images to fule my comic with Comic Life 2. 

It was a lot of fun and turned out to be more artistic than I thought it would be.

While the world I ran in is a lot more exotic cartoonized than it is, telling the story of my run has a certain logic to it that allowed me to experiment with pitch. 

Like directing a film. 



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