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Junk Mail Gardening : (1) Collect junk mail (2) Let Rot

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I'm getting really good at touring the neighborhood and returning with bags full of junk mail. I can collect so much of the stuff that I can  cover a garden path 5 cm deep with paper product  in a week of fossicking. 

It's a routine, like shopping.

Even though 'paper' isn't soil the plants seem keen to merge with these rivers of processed cellulose and I'm losing my garden paths to the invasion of marauding sweet potato, tomato, zuchini and the like. 

It is a workable trench mulching model. I'm creating these  water sponges  that criss-cross my garden like so many canals that service plant growth with their ready habit of taking in and storing moisture.

On-foot navigation is not so easy along these pathways any more, but I won't  be insisting upon right of way as I  value these water works too much.  Instead I will create stepping 'stones' by filling  feed bags with sand, folding them tight and plonking them down as strategically located footholds between the invading plants. 

It will be a sandbag thoroughfare. And adding sandbags to the garden -- earth bagging -- adds a whole new dimension to the possibilities of gardening on -- and with -- sand.

Sandbags can be customized for size and shape and easily lifted and moved about. They're cheap too : get bag, any bag, add sand.

Beat it into shape.Very sculptural.



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