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I'm a poster boy for self help.

At the river mouth
As my strength and endurance improves I'm getting to love this running biziness. After years walking the dogs in various guises I'm now running with the pack -- well, at least,  our rather minimalist micro pack.

When you consider that I started walking the dogs with walking/trekking poles back then and used to walk about town with a cane (back then)... you get some idea how far the old bod has marched in the space of a few years.

Years? Five or six years of land based focused exercise after several more of pool work.

Now I'm running 5 kilometres three to four  times per week: no sweat ... as well as doing intense interval training strength sessions (HIIT) every other day and kickbiking 14 km as impulse takes me. 

Not a bad regimen after years of experimentation.

On top of that everyday (when mobile) I do at least 45-60 minutes of Soul (line)  Dancing because I love it ... and now share the choreographies.

I'm a poster boy for self help.

But for now, the option to everyday touch the sea and be nautical is such that I'm sure I'll be trying to run every day ASAP. I may walk the dogs when I don't run them but running the shoreline and tidal flats, chasing the low tide around the clock, mixing it with the wind and weather, ploughing through tidal pools and shell beds, side stepping soldier crabs and watching the weather patterns over Moreton Island 30 km away, accompanied by Sea Eagles overhead ... is magic.

If you'd asked me 6 months back if I'd be running today I would have been self-depreciating.

I'd have said," not possible."

But there you have it: by dint of logic and circumstance after putting one newly shod foot in front of the other I'm running.

So kickbiker turns runner but stays kickbiker and runs as he kickbikes.

So kettlebell lifter turns Intense Interval exerciser but still lifts dem bells.


  A later post will consider other physiological changes that are upon me. As a point of information, I began  this blog in July 2007 with this comment.
Daily Step Log: July 2007

The very low figures are days I could hardly walk



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