Reaching my stride

The route back home among Mangroves
I had mapped myself out a nice little route that ran to a distance of 5 km.

It ran that far -- the idea being that I would soon enough follow.

Half of it was on the sand flats at low tide -- it was a 'low tide run' -- and the other half , the return, along the shoreline that skirts, what I call,  the southern swamp.

And yes, this was designed as Pooch to 5k running program as it was conceived with the dogs in mind. The route also fell within the local very generous off-leash area that does indeed extend several kilometres along the shore to the mouth of the Caboolture River.

Heading out was so so. I was  trying to tweak my technique as I ploughed over the sand flats and forded the tidal pools. Once I reached the river, I took a breather and walked the sand bar that parallels the river like a levee towards the shoreline before stepping up the pace as I ran though the muddier flats to join the beach near a stand of SheOaks. 

Turning north, the route is all soft dry sand that banks up sharply in places . Here and there are Mangroves, dead tree trunks and sea grass mounds. So running you need to skirt these obstacles and manoevre between the build up of cellulose. 

Obstacles: dead tree trunks
I guess it was the rise in the  track under my feet as well as the weaving that was forced upon me but I started to really push off from my ankles and for the first time since I started back running I was hitting 'form'.

It was a great feeling to run like I meant it.

It surprised me. I woulda thought there was more lessons  on the tidal flats ' out to sea'. 

Nonetheless at low tide you can check your footprints to see how you are hitting the ground. It gives you something to do when you retrace your footsteps.

In case you get lost: like Hansel and Gretel.



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