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Stair Climb from Anzac Square to the top of Jacobs Ladder: the only way is up.

One of the many banes of my life is the relentless fact that when I have tried to go somewhere I get so far and no further. It is the most frustrating thing that while I may still be able to drag one foot in front of the other while  ill, when I reach an incline -- like a steep hill or ramp -- I'm unable to climb the thing in front of me. Often I have no option but to return home:defeated. For years the 35 degree ramp that led to the local railway station sent me back home so often that its power and towering arrogance has dogged  me. Believe me: when you stand at the base of these slopes while in this condition -- slopes that only yesterday you paid no mind to -- they can present as tall and as daunting as Mount Everest. So  stair climbing/stair running has this inordinate attraction for me as a magnificent challenge. To be able to run up stairs when I am so often defeated by steep inclines is exciting for one such as I. Stair running is another affirmation (like running) of how far I've come and where I could remain if I wasn't burdened by Fibromyalgia.
View from atop Jacobs Ladder in the Olden Days. Arrows mark extent of the climb
(but not actual route)
I've been trying to get a contour profile on this 'event' as it is up hill all the way.

Starting in Anzac Square Brisbane you enter the tunnel that leads to the escalator for Central Railway Station. But you don't take the easy route. No way! You veer right and start running up the stairs.

These stairs will take you first to the Anne Street footpath and then by turning right again into the stairwell-- to the Central Railway Station Concourse. No stopping allowed.

Keep heading across the opening in front of you and scoot up a couple of stairs and cross Turbott Street to King Edward Park.

Now the fun really begins: clamber up Jacobs Ladder with all those snazzy red steps underneath your feet.

At the top look back way way down into the valley at the Adelaide Street /Anzac Square level where you came from.

Don't wait too long taking in the view -- either go around the IBM building in front of you via Upper Edward Street; or return down the steps you just climbed;or take the winding path among the sculptural pieces back down through King Edward Park...and race up Jacob's ladder again.. and again...and...

Stair Climb/Jacobs Ladder Brisbane CBD

Stair Climb/Jacobs Ladder Brisbane CBD

A hefty climb from Anzac Square up to the top of Jacobs Ladder


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