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HITT:20 seconds of this, 40 seconds of that and 90 seconds of the other

I am having a lot of fun playing around with training intervals. Not only do I get to vary the times I spend on various exercises but I get to vary my training so that it is always interesting... and challenging.
  • On the boxing bag I do 20 seconds of punching followed by 10 seconds of rest. I do that 8 times.
  • On the kettlebells I do 40 seconds of lifting  followed by 20 seconds of rest. I do that 8 times also.
  • For the HillFit routine I do four exercises and try to last 90 seconds doing each of them. 
  • On the kickbike in HIIT mode I'm doing 20 seconds of sprinting followed by 10 seconds of coasting. 
I'm getting some more information on dumbbells and while I do have a pair of adjustable dumbbells I'm hoping to vary my kettlebell options by deploying them more in dumbbell mode -- besides the usual swing and press.

At the moment my weakest link is the kickbike as  the weather has precluded a lot of experimentation. I may find that I'll need to vary the kickbike formulation after some more sprinting.
I also need to point out that I do this stuff every second day: that's the schedule -- with the option if necessary of picking the routine to suit me that day or delaying the exertion for another 24 hours if I'm unwell. In a normal run of events this every second day frequency promotes an 8 day calendar -- give or take a day -- averaging four sessions per week.  I usually do the sequence in the same order (but for no particular reason).
I still pursue stair climbing as an ab hoc 'sprint' option -- I run up stairs when they are available -- but for now I seem sentenced to railway stations and staircases that only go up one floor and they are just too easy to climb. People think that when I put on a climbing spurt  I'm nuts or either running for some self contained schedule reason.

But I love stair climbing and am hanging out for some challenging staircases to adopt as my preferred upward route .  Unfortunately nowadays so many stairs are enclosed with automatic locking fire doors for safety reasons but they must exist and be publicly accessible even in Brisbane.
Found it! Found it! I found my staircase: Jacobs Ladder. Just up from the Central Railway Station and recently refurbished (in stunning read: see left) . 
Maybe I should also consider sprinting up one or the other of the Glass House Mountains near here? Maybe tackle the Pomona King of the Mountain in July...


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