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Exercise : it's about me not wasting my time and enjoying myself

The main reason I blog is not because I'm narcissistic or seek to impose my views upon the unsuspecting public. The main reason I blog is to organise me. This is a dialogue with myself.

So bear with me: it is about me -- for me.

Hello there, Dave.

That said I'm tweaking my exercising yet again within this new INTENSE mode that's upon me.

  • Tabata: A session to extreme exhaustion based on either boxing or kickbike sprints comprising 20 seconds of High Intense  Intervals followed by 10 seconds of rest. Eight rounds. [4.5 minutes.]
  • Kettlebell: lifts and swings on a double schedule from Tabata -- 40 second exercise/20 second rests. Eight rounds. [8 minutes]
  • HillFit: I do the four HillFit routines one after the other.[8 minutes]
What this now means is that I take on, in succession, one of these protocols every second day. It's all very simple and I do the range of routines for variety and to vary the physiological challenge.

But the time ask is an amazingly small 20 minutes per week!

I also do other stuff: I kickbike for fun/transport; I dance; and I walk (such as dogs) a lot...
...and after my experiments in Melbourne recently I am keen to race up any stair case I come upon. I'd really like to do regular stair climbing but the real estate isn't there when you need it. Maybe a sandhill?
The way I feel now -- as I told my partner today -- is that I think I have been wasting my time for years. I get faster, better results following these regimes compared to the assumptions that ruled all the long slow distances I have been clocking up these so many recent years and the ab hoc weight  training sessions (and the financial outlay and occasional injury). 

I also get to do what I like doing -- and I love to box the bag and lift the kettlebells. I don't 'like' the HillFit routines as they are so friggin hard to complete. But, let's say, it a grand feeling when you get to stop.

I'm no exercise novice. I have had two years under a personal trainer and gym work and  I was  coached by an Exercise Physiologist for a time who prescribed me a program.I was a trainer for a football team over a couple of seasons. I mastered and also help teach in the nineties the hard martial arts form of Tai Chi and spent years jogging in the seventies and eighties. I've swum kilometres each morning in the past -- many moons ago... 

But none of that is comparable to what I do now. It's so much better for me. Ironically of course: I'm doing much less and enjoying it more.

It's home based and so easy to negotiate: do it now/spend a few minutes -- then get on with your day.

This also posses the question that if I can push my physical envelope maybe I can start doing again some of the stuff I had to stop because of illness? Bushwalking for instance.

And as an afterthought: because of these routines (and I guess the weather patterns) I've had the best Summer (touch wood) I've had in years. I am normally crippled by fatigue and stiffness over the hot humid months here in the sub tropics. I've been more often than not, bedridden. Most Summers I don't recover from until May. I've even spent some Summers covered in boils or rashes. The last few years had been brutal and I suffered.

Ah. Memories....

Not any more. I've got myself a diet and exercise mix that works. I'm still ill of course -- still under sentence -- but I possess that wonderful option: I bounce back.


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