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Am I HillFit? Not necessarily...yet.

Since I've started the HillFit program of just 4 exercise -- that's right: four! -- I can report on my complaints. Things aren't what they seem...

Pulling and pushing may appear to be every day routines but when you do the run through push/pull/squat and the other tail lift thing  you discover that another body has been hiding in the one  you thought you owned and knew.

I am mightily impressed.

I've even had an email tete a tete with Chris Highcock -- who wrote HillFit -- to clarify some confusions I was party to.
I’ve read HillFit four times and have begun the journey over the hills so to speak…but what I stumbled over was my confusion as to how you do the exercises. Are they static or repetitions?
So this aint about simply grunting and sweating. There's  a lot of sophistication involved.

Still: that something so simple and so hardware easy can deliver such impact is impressive. So once a week (for now) I HillFit it...


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