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Tabata Diary: Kettlebells

...and I'm still shaking. given that I'm not very well today I thought I'd be challenged to complete the Tabata routine. But with my trusty  hip hop Tabata music every thing was as it should be. I found myself yearning for an earlier and greater burn.

How sick is that?

I did 8 separate sets using different weights, lifts and swings with the Kettlebells. Maybe I need to stick to only the one thing/the one lift or swing.... A bit boring perhaps but I'd create 'more pain'...and tragically I feel that I'm not sore enough.
Not sore enough! Huh!
Although I'm invigorated -- I guess my problem is that in my perverse way I'm fitter than I should be. 

Doing this -- lifting and swinging weights quickly and frequently -- can be dangerous so I'm swinging and lifting on the grass. 

My logistical problem is where to wear my mp3 player as my exertions pull it hither and yon. You see I have it ear plugged for now and seemingly to look at me I'm quietly, albeit energetically,  jerking up and down when in fact I have music and instructional count downs blaring into my ears.

But I gotta say I love this  and have not suffered -- as yet/touch wood -- a heart attack. You are gasping for air by the fifth round despite the breaks but you know that it will all end in 'just' three more. 


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