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Tabata Diary: Boxing (plus squats)

Another day, another sweat.

Two days from my last Tabata indulgence  -- that's "Tabata' not 'Chabata' (a delicious  Italian bread made from Durum Wheat ) --  I leaped at the punching bag and pounded it for 6 sets then got bored in the next 10 seconds ... so I squatted up and down with vigor  for the remaining two sets in the session.

I can feel my exertions in my shoulders now -- 8 hours later -- but at the time , aside from the urgent need for air and an enveloping muscle weakness, I was missing the feel of a darn good burn.

Can I go faster and harder or am I proscribed by age? Or am I: just a weakling?

The more I read the literature on the Tabata/HIIT stuff -- gilded by so much promise and fitness hype --  the more confused I am about its logic.

I mean does it/will it deliver as suggested...?
The associated problem is that doing it correctly isn't an easy call as the level of exertion may be beyond me. So while I'm doing HIIT -- in a fashion -- I'm not really doing powered on Tabata. Is that a problem methinks? My  main interest is to just do it -- as best I can -- and see what gives. There may indeed be a threshold that is beyond my powers and aptitude. So long as I'm not gonna do myself damage I think I'll persist because the exercise raises more prospects for me in the light of such tomes as Body by Science -- which I've just read. I've also just read  The Power of 10: The Once-A-Week Slow Motion Fitness Revolution  which I thought so hyped for just a one idea notion: slow. Maybe the science is all good. I'll see but enroute make my own adaptions.
For my body it's too early to pull up the stats...and make a ruling.  

I nonetheless love this Tabata stuff. 

Love it. Tabata and the focus offered by High Intensity Interval Training.

Going the full max plus is so invigorating. I feel so much more alive after each routine than I do beforehand. I'm in more pain but then, compared to my usual pain-ness, any change is a holiday. In that sense I'm experiencing a new level of body awareness, a greater organic thingness formatted by the fact that I have to go the limit...and ask mu muscles to accompany me.

That I can do this and know that it will only last for a few minutes -- in 20 second grabs -- breeds confidence. 

I will not die. I can do it.

It's the controlled nature that I appreciate. I can be confident that the whole thing is a set routine that supposedly has results -- measurable results.

But if it doesn't and Tabata doesn't deliver on all of its promises -- my problem is that I may like it so much that I'll continue Tabata-ing regardless. 


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