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Putting a new movement routine together by adding HIIT. O joy!

I'm not a Primal Type -- a lot of it is spin and very poor anthropology although I eat very low on the carbohydrate hierarchy because of diabetes -- but the new research studies on exercise are very interesting. Since I'm shifting my exercise focus at the moment -- and I do a lot of exercise so I get the measure of a range of regimes -- I'm putting a new movement routine together.

For instance:
In his excellent book on high-intensity strength training, Body By Science, Dr. Doug McGuff explains that high-intensity training is superior to chronic cardio because it produces a greater stimulus and thus more effectively empties the muscles and liver of glucose. This stimulus can last several days with HIIT, as opposed to just a few hours with low-intensity training...HIIT also activates hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL), which mobilizes fatty acids for energy use. This means that during HIIT, both glucose and fatty acids will be burned, leading to greater fat loss and restoration of insulin sensitivity. -- Chris Kesser
 My physical success with the dance is a big part of why I'm reconsidering, but despite all the energy I expend doing this sweat stuff  my weight loss has plateaued even though my diabetes and  general health (aside from my ever resistant chronic illness that is!)  are qualitatively much much better.

I function better a few kilograms lighter. I know --  I've visited  --  but was driven back after I got one foot in the door.

I also know, because I am suffering from immune disordering plus plus, that exertion can be crippling because it can be too stressful (depending on the day).  

So here's a theory -- the HIIT notion -- that preaches getting the physical best out of everyday activities. That I do do. I live my life through a physical hierarchy of challenges that I've integrated into the day to day.

But beyond that even now, my hypothetical plan was to manage one or two lift or punch workouts of less than 10 minutes each week.

But adding further intensity even for very short periods -- can I manage that? I'm thinking that what I need do is expend the effort developing a intense kettlebell or boxing session --  as short as my current ones but much more intense. Think Tabata...as I was thinking previously.

I'll do my homework -- research the topic --  and see what my options are. 

I only hope I don't kill myself by being so savagely intense I blow my fuses. 

But here's the drum:
The results have been incredible. My workout varies in length between 5 and 9 minutes a week. That’s right, I said minutes. With only a few exceptions, I’ve increased the amount of weight I can lift, the time I can lift it, or both, with each successive workout. My strength has increased and my physique is, if anything, better than it was when I was lifting 3x/week for much longer periods.( Kesser)


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