Line dancin' deep hip hop...Dancin' Drake - The Motto

Drake - The Motto ft. Lil Wayne is way too deep Hip Hop for me. But if you put aside all that rhyming and  in-your-face stuff  you get a unique musical experience. Delete the crudity of the lyrics (although I relate to the street cred POV  as the lyrics are also very interesting and poetic despite the misogynistic theme) and settle for the instrumental version  ...

Well, there's new possibilities....

REE-SYN-MI DANCERS do a totally awesome soul line dance choreography to this song -- steps that I am currently learning. That's the great joy of being Urban Soul Line Dance engaged -- there's this rich stream of creative choreography emanating from any number of Afro American community  dance sessions. 

You have to work a tad hard to dance these dances but this one is, for me, pure Zen. 

Music and moves shift your into another groove. 

It's not about watching. It's about doing, about dancing the dance. 

This is also Hip Hop where you don't have to stand on your head to dance it.

[TIP:Turn your volume down as the audio sucks.]


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