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HIIT for weight loss and diabetes: less 5 and less 1.

I'm doing the diary thing to monitor my current renovated exercise program based on HIIT using the Tabata method -- 20 seconds on (of intense exercise) / 10 seconds off / eight times over / every two days.

And it hurts.

In my mix of intentions -- see previous post : HIIT for Fibromyalgia  where I consider a key prospect -- I want to set some clear aims to address my Diabetes II and my weight.

The two are linked by dint of pathology. Associated with these conditions are issues of elevated blood pressure  and threatened kidney function.
  • Weight Loss: My weight loss plateaued months ago regardless seemingly of what I put in my mouth and how much exercise I did. I eat low carb and exercise ++ but  while I was enjoying an average loss of 750 grams to one kilogram  per month under this regime, it suddenly stopped registering on my physique. So now that I'm doing this HIIT thing I want to lose another 5 kgm and therein can die a happy man. That will take me to around 88-90 kgm. I very much doubt that I can do better or hope for more weight loss aside from a sentence to Changi or  Buchenwald.
  • MMOL: This isn't a major issue because I control my diabetes rather well I think. But since the condition is so insidious and always life shortening -- who am I  to say no to better health? With the HIIT there are two advantages that I seek to harvest. The first is the weight loss and the impact that will have on my blood sugars -- measured in mmol . The second advantage is that resistance training I use as part of my Tabata sessions should improve my insulin sensitivity and blood glucose control. Proven fact.  So I'm hoping to shave off the best part of one mmol as a result. And one mmol given that I live between 5.4 and 6.8 on average (while on meds) would be fantastic. 
So that's the game plan 5 plus 1 -- or rather less 5 and less 1.


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