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HIIT for Fibromyalgia

This is too early in the mix to make a ruling but the fact that I can do the 4.5 minutes of intense exertion and survive must mean something.
  • I'm sore and raw afterwards but that is to be expected. It's hard work when I'm working.
  • I suspect that I may sleep better for the full on nature of the physical demand.
  • I find that I look forward to and consciously plan for the next HIIT workout two days from the last. Easy scheduling, right? Two days off/5 minutes on.  I even find that I  tend to 'imagine' the workout because it is such a short window of activity. If HIIT is interval training then each separate workout is an interval of its own kind-- 36/48 hours apart. You need the spell. and you either look forward to the challenge or fear it. 
The issue is going to pan out I'm sure, but will I get a better hold on my Fibromyalgia? I find long slow exercise may keep me within a 'fitness' zone but the pain quotient doesn't vary that much and I know from experience that to drive up my endorphins and sundry other biochemical preference I need exertion -- but at a level of inflammatory stress that won't tip me over into a major relapse.

So that's the tightrope I have to walk.

What I appreciate about HIIT in the form of Tabata is that the 20 seconds on/10 seconds off/eight times over/ every two days is a set rhythm with seemingly no surprises outside what your body is like that day. If you don't know what your body is like then, you are soon going to find out...very very quickly.

While the obvious physical challenge is there in big letters of PAIN! all you have to tell yourself is that like the dentist's drill it soon will be over. You are not asking yourself to give birth, right?

As I write this one hour after a session I can still feel the warmth surging through my body systems. My breathing knows it. My circulation. My musculature. My bones. They all know where they have recently been.

But they also know that I will not force them to go back there for another two days...

I'm just an old softie.


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