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Going the distance on a kickbike

The longest route I do on the kickbike is just over 14 km. I call it Swan Lake because it  traverses the edge of a lake that often has black swans on it. 

I'm thinking that if I try to do this route twice per week -- I have other routes I take on my morning kick -- maybe I can up my exercise-ing of Long Slow Distance to partner my HIIT/Tabata experiments. 

I don't usually demand anything much from my kickbiking except that I get out there early -- often at dawn -- and kick as far as I feel like going. 

Fortunately -- or unfortunately -- but very pleasantly, at the far end of my Swan Lake kick, I usually walk the tidal flats and indulge in some communing with Nature. So I break my journey.

It's so beautiful I can't help myself.

You can also do interval training on a kickbike...but I suspect you need to be an athlete to do it. I'm not.

So maybe, methinks, I can bargain with my options and :
  1. push hard out for the 7 km 
  2. do my commune and wade about in the shallows
  3. hop back on the scooter and push hard back home for the last leg of 7 km.
and see what I may benefit.


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