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From woe to go via music

Since I'm keen to monitor my Tabata experiences and their fallout I can say that yesterday's session doing 4.5 minutes of boxing the bag made me a tad sore despite the delight of the invigoration.
A slap in the face is similarly invigorating is it not?
An overnight  weather change  with  rain enclosed my body further and I was extremely tired, stiff and sore this morning. I took analgesia, went back to bed to try and sleep it off.

Feeling merely a little bit better, I shuffled into the kitchen and made myself a cup of tea.
Thinking: there goes my day I'll be non compos menses hereon.
But lo! What light  through yonder window breaks?

I decided to do some Soul Line Dancing
Why not? Give it a go I thought. It has worked before.
 -- and for the next 50 minutes I danced my rocks off hitting the right beat more often than not as I went through my current repertoire. 

'Tis amazing is it not? That I can go from woe to go if transported by music...and get up offa that thing and dance. 

I stiffen up again. Hobble around. Lay down. Sleep perhaps. But that 'light through yonder window' broke over me.
In almost every society, music and movement have explicitly belonged together. Just as we can’t properly understand language if we ignore gesture, we can’t understand music without exploring its relationship to movement...Of course, movement and music can exist independently of each other. But there is a strong relationship between the auditory system and the motor system, producing the bodily movements that seem to be an instinctive part of our response to music and become part of how we make it. This relationship is expressed most comprehensively in dance, which takes an immense diversity of forms: tribal dances, ballet, the tango, figure-skating, breakdancing and many more. (The origins of music. part 4. Movement and dance)
The other delightful prospect which I just realized is on offer is that I am now using music for my Tabata/HIIT sessions. While Boxing or Kettlebell lifting isn't dancing there is  rhythm at stake. 

The point is that maybe music -- and the promise of moving in sync with it -- is available to me as a ready means to get over the physical hump of being too sore and stiff to 'exercise'. Hardly walk. Movement difficult. Pain all over. Stiff. ...but I can 'move to the beat' at the pace the beat asks. 

I like this prospect a helluva lot...


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