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Contrary to all expectations I did it: went the max to discover Dave's first Law of Motion.

I thought that since I was so stiff and clumsy such that I could hardly make breakfast -- I spilt it all over the counter
...it ran down the side and pooled on the floor. A yogurt/blueberry larva (chilled) flow. [Imagine swearing].
 -- that doing the VOMax thing a few hours after waking was not on at all. 

I stood there waiting for the count down...and I was scared. What am I thinking of doing? Those few seconds seemed endless because you wonder, "what's gonna happen at one?"
Welcome to Tabata! 3...2...1...Go! [Imagine some rapping hip hop]
But with the music and the fact that it's all an explosion of effort and adrenalin I completed the 20_10_8! Amazing. One massive burst from hell inside me. Gasping for air.

Then I went back to bed...

But later, in the afternoon -- I was still  stiff but  because I had done the Tabata earlier (I was less stiff so  ) I thought I'd do a Soul Line Dance session.

Despite that physical burden  I found I could still do it and be more into the music rather than the mechanics. I grooved on like one very cool dude. 

My head was Fibro fogged so no new steps a'learning was possible -- but I did realise that dancing outback under the veranda with the surround sound substance of an mp3 player connected to my ears I could move to another physiological space....and do much  much more than I either expected or (given the stiffness and soreness) initially preferred.

Music therapy. 

I'm on one helluva discovery here with the music/HIIT combo. 

Forget Isaac Newton: this is Dave Riley's First Law of Motion.


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