'Training' Shift: Back on the bag above dancing feet

My training had reached an impasse when I started with the Line Dancing stuff. I was bored and line dancing was more fun than the mix of kettlebells and glove work I had been doing. 

Since I was set to do more dancing and less of this other -- if at all -- I dropped my old program and now put on the gloves to pound the bag...and leave them on to pound some more.
Left:Right -- Uppercuts -- Left:Right:Left -- Right:Left:Right ... repeat.
Great fun to simply box without having to remove the gloves, as I had been doing after each round, to pick up the kettlebells. 

So I'll box and the boxing will be separate from the kettlebell lifting and swinging. I reckon if I can do a couple of sessions a week, anytime of the day (when I'm up to it), I'm sweet.

I'm only doing one minute rounds for now, but that will creep up. If I take care with my kettlebell lifts I'll be able to increment that too so that I can reach for harder and longer lift sessions.

And as my dancing legs take off maybe I'll be doing the moves around the bag....


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