Quick 'paper' Canoe

Moving into 'build' mode. I shaped some stiff A4 paper into Quick Canoe layout. Using Michael Storer's Quick Canoe plans I was surprised how few segments make up the DIY build.

If I cut the templates accurately  out of plywood then it would be  a simple matter of  gluing them together. Even a  carpentry fool like myself could manage that -- so long as the shaped cuts were true.

I built the paper model in a few minutes with some very unsticky tape. 

The Storer Quick Canoe is really a flat bottomed canoe -- a Pirogue, esp like the Louisiana Pirogues -- with a single stem piece of wood keel for better tracking and stability. It's a very simple design but one, despite the trade offs, that seems to  perform well.

I am engaged...
If you need to get to areas quietly and with little effort, this is the way. Keep in mind, pirogues, TRUE pirogues, are "tricky". If you have never been in one, you are in for a treat. It takes a certain learning curve that is best learned in warm weather! But once you get the hang of them, they will take you in 2"of water where no canoe, kayak, or other duck boat will go, or glide down a bayou for what seems like forever with one stroke of the paddle!


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