[Soul Line] Dancing Man

Zydeco lesson during the 2008 Gulf Coast Zydeco Music Festival.
I've taken up line dancing (see post for background) . Despite the fact that I have no background whatsoever in organised formal dancing -- I'm loving it. 

The prospect of mastering the steps and putting them all together in sync with others is so appealing. 

While I'm thinking I can log up these dances so that they become part of my repertoire, my main interest is mastering Zydeco dance  and if I only dance it in a line, I'm still gonna be delighted. So far I've more or less mastered the very easy Zydeco Bounce  but the real challenges are the Zydeco  Slide and the Shuffle.

En route I get to tackle a lot of other line dances -- from Zorba the Greek to a Tango....which I'm learning in the weekly line dance class I attend.

We were thinking of trying to set up a local Zydeco Club and Line Dancing seemed a way to get to that. That way we hold out against the local penchant for Country and Western style boot scootin'...

I see where the sort of quest I'm on is in sync with what's called Soul Line Dancing:
Also known as "urban line dancing" or "R&B line dancing", "soul" line dance clubs are different from the majority of line dance clubs in that the music is mainly "R&B/soul music" and the terminology is different. In some parts of the USA, the mix of dancers is majority African-American, but not exclusively. Sample videos are found on YouTube.com 



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