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Out and about suburbia on the Mibo Folding Scooter

Today's route
Since I am down in Brisbane for a couple of days I get to tour the streetscape by pushing my Mibo folding scooter across town. Today's route is a good example of the too-ing and fro-ing you can do on 12 inch wheels...for 15 kilometres or so.

On road. Off road. On the footpath. Along the bike path. In and out of traffic or pedestrians.

And I bought the scooter with me folded first on the bus to the train station then on the train from Caboolture. Yesterday I got off a few stops early to make a call so I scooted the rest of the way to my digs -- 5 km.

As it turns out a guy asked me if I had to bag the scooter to carry it on the bus.(I have not been asked to as it looks like a folded pram or hand luggage and I know no regulations requiring bagging outside of interstate air travel. )I do have a bag but it is cumbersome to use. Nonetheless, folded the scooter's appendages do inconveniently stick out sometimes. This got me thinking...

I have  a sturdy nylon post bag which would swallow up a scooter easily. I'd be like Santa Claus with this red kit. All I need do is throw a stretch cord around the package and Voila! No appendages.

Maybe if I grew a beard by Christmas....? I could make a case for scooter reindeer. Yo! Ho! Ho-ing!
This reminds me that  I should also replace the swing quick release fold lock on the frame with a larger device as the one supplied with the scooter is  a tad fiddly. Speed of lock or release always looks so darn coooool....for a hipster wannabe. Bus stop and train station cred are awesome attributes one aspires to possess. And the youth envy my Mibo. So I try to live up to their esteem.


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