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Wind up

With gusts up to 20 knots I went on an afternoon 'umbrella sail' . The tide way way out and the shallow water was breaking up into a onshore layer of white caps which made sailing difficult. I can sail but the frothy waters tended to break upon me.

A wet ride.

This was the strongest wind I've 'sailed' and the gusts at times felt like my arm was ready to be wrenched from its socket. The inconvenience of my limb  as the mast meant that with my right arm on the tiller and my left holding up the umbrella against the wind my body was turned out to sea  toward Moreton Island for 4 kilometres for the sake of a pace just above walking speed -- around 3-4 knots.

Navigation was easy. My two rudders seem to be a design  indulgence as the windward side one is the active device while the one to the lee is unnecessary, aside from its limited use as a leeboard. If I can anchor the umbrella some how -- and I did experiment en route -- I'd have an easier time of it. 

The point being it was not a comfortable journey. 

This begs the question of what now?

The paddleski isn't going to make much more than a barge under sail.  That's OK so long as I can complete my journeys in some style and comfort . So holding the umbrella before the wind has a short use by date.

Bill Mantis: sailing his rig
While it is convenient to unfold an umbrella when the wind's up I don't think the sail area is large enough to give me as much traction on the water to scoot me along such that the ergonomics is hugely superior to paddling. So I need a bona fide mast and sail.

To that end I'm waiting on details of  a lanteen rig designed by Bill Mantis which may suit my needs while supplying me with a DIY challenge to increase my sailing knowledge . 

There is only so much I can do with my present beamy craft but I  aim to push the boundaries.

For the time being the paddleski floats 'under sail' without a hint of capsize which suggests to me that I could hypothetically stack on a lot of sail. Since I am negotiating the rudder question with verve, that only leaves the mast and rigging -- especially stepping the mast/attaching it --  and the leeboard  to experiment with. 

I need the Mantis package to give me a format to work with.

En route I'm learning about  sailing the sea -- from the ground up, so to speak. 


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